The Hidden Jobs Market

Around 80% of Aussie Locums jobs are not advertised. This means when you register with us, you gain access to many, many more opportunities.

The hidden job market refers to job opportunities that are not publicly advertised or formally posted. Instead, these positions are typically filled through referrals, networking, direct approaches, or professional connections.

Here's how the hidden job market operates within Aussie Locums:

  1. We network and ask for referrals: Many job openings in healthcare are circulated within professional circles, among colleagues, or through referrals from current employees. Aussie Locums networking at industry events, conferences, and within our own professional circle unveils unadvertised job opportunities.
  2. Direct Approaches to Employers: Aussie Locums proactively reach out to healthcare facilities, clinics, or organisations we have been working with since 2008. Through our close relationships with our clients, we can match candidates with suitable positions.
  3. Locum Positions: Our locum positions are often filled quickly due to urgent needs, and they might not be extensively advertised. Being fully registered and compliant with Aussie Locums will ensure a smoother process for urgent needs.

If you want to access more job opportunities, consider working with Aussie Locums.

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