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Finding you the perfect locum or permanent healthcare professional has been our core mission since 2008. With over 40 years combined experience and an expansive network of Australian and international candidates of which we have carefully screened, and got to know, you can be confident that any clinician or specialist we put forward, will be a good fit for you.

We pride ourselves on being a leading recruiter of healthcare professionals in Australia. Whether you require a one-day emergency locum, maternity leave cover or are seeking to fill a permanent role, our tailored recruitment services enable our clients to relax, safe in the knowledge that they are in good hands.

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Locum and Permanent Recruitment

From search and selection, interviewing and shortlisting through to cultural fit assessments and onboarding, we believe in providing a complete end to end service that ensures you select the right person for the role. With a talent pool which we have built since 2008, combined with our proven track record of being to access the passive market, our clients benefit from having access to those who may not be actively seeking work. Having built a solid relationship, we know what a dream job can look like for our previous candidates and whilst we don’t actively head hunt, we work hard to ensure those life-changing career opportunities, are passed on.

As you would expect, all of our clinicians are subject to vigorous screening and stringent checks. Furthermore, we maintain candidate records, including national police clearance, proof of qualifications, eligibility to work in Australia and any relevant licences and registrations with Boards or Body.

As members of the Recruitment, Consulting and Staffing Association of Australia & New Zealand and the Association of Medical Recruiters of Australia & New Zealand, we work with most State and Territory Health Departments and adhere to all credentialing processes.

Why the Credentialing Process is Important

  • Ensuring Compliance and Qualifications: Credentialing verifies that candidates possess the necessary qualifications, certifications, licenses, and credentials required for their healthcare roles. This process ensures compliance with industry standards and legal requirements.
  • Enhancing Patient Safety and Care Quality: By rigorously vetting candidates, healthcare recruitment agencies contribute to patient safety and care quality. Ensuring that candidates have the appropriate qualifications helps maintain a high standard of care and reduces the risk of errors or mishaps.
  • Streamlining Hiring Process: Credentialing streamlines the hiring process for healthcare facilities by validating candidates' qualifications beforehand. This allows for a smoother and more efficient hiring process, saving time and resources for both the healthcare facility and the recruitment agency.
  • Mitigating Legal and Regulatory Risks: Credentialing helps healthcare facilities mitigate legal and regulatory risks associated with hiring unqualified individuals. It ensures that the facility is in compliance with industry regulations, reducing potential legal challenges.

What our Candidates Say...

"They are always available, even out of normal business hours. I had some trouble with a flight at the end of my last placement in Cooktown. The weather was so bad it looked like the flight might be cancelled, meaning I'd miss my following flight to Melbourne. Although they cannot control the weather, they were there every step of the way, contingency plan ready, to make sure I got home safe and sound.

I cannot fault the communication with any of the team at Aussie Locums. I really appreciate that they reply so promptly to email and phone calls, usually within a few hours and definitely within the day. They return calls when they say they will and use contracts that purvey the terms and conditions of employment in an easy to follow format. I believe these are qualities of a professionally run recruitment agency.“



Since I have worked with Aussie Locums, I have spoken to the whole team who have always resolved any issues. What amazes me is there are no radiographers or sonographers on staff. But they are aware or want to know about every machine that is onsite at placement Imaging centres, rosters and on call situations. There is an enthusiasm and knowledge of the Medical Imaging workplace that has surprised and enlighten me as an employee.

I highly recommend this great team and their communication skills with clients and employees.


Sonographer / Radiographer

It is with great pleasure that I share a recommendation for the team at Aussie Locums. I was fortunate enough to work with Nichole from Aussie Locums for numerous years as a locum sonographer, she then assisted me in acquiring a permanent position. Aussie Locums was the first recruitment company I called when first considering a transfer in locum work. After speaking with Nichole, I never contacted another agency. My experience with Aussie Locums has been nothing but positive, professional and personable. My placements were always extremely well organised, from accommodation to travel, relevant contacts to opening hours of supermarkets and sightseeing. 

It has been two years since my permanent placement. I still heartily recommend Aussie Locums in every discussion I have regarding my time as a locum. My consultants have become my friends and even now, I still get a unexpected check in call.


Specialist Healthcare Recruitment

We provide professional recruitment for a wide range of healthcare specialist roles, including:


  • Speech Pathology
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Podiatry


  • Radiology
  • Sonography
  • Radiography


  • Nursing
  • General Practitioners


  • Pharmacy

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Why talk to us? Because we are real people who get results by understanding what our candidates and clients are looking for. We promise not to bombard you with unnecessary information as we understand your time is precious.

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