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Working your way around Australia is also a wonderful opportunity to explore the land down under and see far more than you would on a holiday. Whether you are looking for the hustle and bustle of cosmopolitan cities such as Sydney and Perth, or are seeking an outback adventure in one of the myriad of rural areas, Australia is as diverse as it is big.

Aussie Locums not only embraces this lifestyle, we work proactively to ensure that our local, national and international candidates are given every opportunity to explore this vast country and also, that our clients have access to the highest quality healthcare professionals so our communities are supported.

If you are an Aussie looking to spread your wings, or an international healthcare professional, our team work tirelessly to secure the right jobs in the locations you wish to travel to.

Why Work in Australia?

Australia has everything to offer, from surf to sun – but you probably know that much already. What many people discover when arriving in Australia, is how diverse the country is. More than a quarter of the 25 million people living here were born overseas whilst additionally Australia is home to one of the oldest living cultures on earth. The indigenous people of Australia are known to be living here for more than 65,000 years. Often referred to as Australia’s First Nations People, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are the sovereign people of this land.

Australia’s reputation as sun kissed and sandy bliss, only tells part of the story. Whilst most of Australia experiences warm or hot temperatures for much of the year, southern states have cool winters.

You might be surprised to find snow on the higher mountains during the winter, with Victoria and New South Wales ski resorts providing you with an alternate to the Alps whilst you’re on the other side of the globe.

Australia’s Healthcare System

There are private and public sectors in Australia, providing high quality care across all facets of healthcare.

Medicare is Australia’s national healthcare system. People who reside in Australia are eligible to access Medicare Benefits if they hold Australian Citizenship, have been issued with a permanent visa, hold New Zealand citizenship or have applied for a permanent visa.

Under the Reciprocal Health Care Agreements (RHCA) people from the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, New Zealand, Sweden, the Netherlands, Finland, Belgium, Norway, Slovenia, Malta and Italy are entitled to restricted access to health cover while in Australia.

Choosing the Right Visa

We recommend speaking to an immigration agent to identify the most suitable visa for your profession, skills and circumstances. There are a range of options available for those wishing to migrate to Australia.

  • Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (subclass 482)

  • Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass 186)

  • Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (subclass 187)

  • Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189)

Australia and the UK have agreed to put in place new arrangements under the Working Holiday Maker (WHM) program and Youth Mobility Scheme.

Under the new arrangements, UK passport holders will be able to:

  • apply for a Working Holiday visa between the ages of 18 and 35 years inclusive from 1 July 2023
  • be granted up to three Working Holiday visas without having to meet any specified work requirements from 1 July 2024.

For more information, see New Working Holiday (subclass 417) visa arrangements for UK passport holders​.​



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Services and Support for Candidates

We have a genuine passion for helping those wishing to explore Australia and want your experience to be everything you ever dreamed of. Our consultants will take time to get to know the type of work you are seeking and offer guidance on how to organise the visas, registrations and certifications you will need in order to practice in Australia.

Our candidates benefit from our extensive network of hospitals, clinics, aged care facilities and community centres. We also provide weekly payroll, travel advice for regional and remote towns and all the essential information you will need to give you the peace of mind that there will be no nasty surprises waiting when you arrive on site.

With you Every Step of the Way

At Aussie Locums, we understand your skills, passions and requirements so we can identify the best positions for you to utilise your expertise. Our team of experienced recruitment consultants will take their time to get to know you, building a relationship that will help ensure you find that perfect opportunity for your needs.

We don’t just stop once we’ve secured your assignment. We like to equip all of our candidates with useful information such as what to expect on your first day, help with organising travel and living arrangements and provide you with vital details such as access to WIFI, organic food or washing facilities etc., particularly in remote communities.

Whether you are seeking work in metro locations like Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Hobart, Adelaide, Darwin, Perth or Melbourne, or looking for somewhere smaller, in the many regional or rural locations across Australia like Cairns, Warwick, Broome, Bendigo, Ballarat and Mount Isa, we can help.

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Why talk to us? Because we are real people who get results by understanding what our candidates and clients are looking for. We promise not to bombard you with unnecessary information as we understand your time is precious.

Our dedicated consultants will guide you seamlessly through the process to secure your dream position in Australia.

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