Why Work with Us


Our mission is simple: to connect passionate healthcare professionals with fulfilling opportunities and empower healthcare facilities to discover top talent. We're your trusted partner in navigating the ever-evolving healthcare landscape.

Committed to ensuring you receive the people power you need to provide high-quality healthcare wherever you are in Australia, we provide panel interviews, permanent and locum recruitment solutions, alongside payroll services.

Our Professional Recruitment Fees

We believe in absolute transparency when it comes to recruitment fees. And we know, clients prefer clear, concise fee structures that help them avoid hidden charges or costs.

  • Locum Fees

    Candidate pay rate + on costs =total candidate cost + agency margin = cost to you.

  • On costs

    Include superannuation, payroll tax, workers compensation and general insurances.

  • Agency margin

    This is the fee Aussie Locums charges to supply locum staff.

  • Additional expenses

    such as travel, accommodation and other expenses as agreed will be itemised separately on your company’s invoice.

  • Permanent Fees

    Our recruitment fees are calculated as a percentage of candidates base annual salary only. We do not charge on superannuation.

What’s included in our fees

  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Accreditation

  • Superannuation Guarantee contributions, currently 11%

  • Our Locum's hourly pay rate

  • Payroll Tax - as applicable

  • Fair Work Ombudsman responsibilities

  • Work Cover

  • Client and candidate confirmation paperwork.

  • Professional Indemnity Insurance as per our terms of business and in conjunction with the PCBU

  • Management of any HR related matters as they arise

  • Online timesheet access and support

Additional benefits you receive from Aussie Locums

  • 100% commitment to quality and service in the recommendation of our fully vetted medical professionals.

  • Our commitment to providing a quality, transparent and personal service from the moment we take your job brief and throughout the assignment.

  • Our team will work with your team to on-board our locum, ensuring that all parties come together for a seamless commencement.

  • Our candidate attraction strategy, our marketing team, our website, and our social media strategists

  • Our professional team of recruiters, our administration team, and our finance manager.

  • On going professional development

  • Our utilities (rent, phone electricity)

  • Labour Hire Licences

  • Support from Aussie Locums 24/7, if required

What our clients say

One thing has become very clear, Aussie Locums excels. Nichole Fitzgerald, with her down-to-earth, kind, friendly manner and the professional team at Aussie Locums have become my unquestionable go-to for medical imaging recruitment.

Aussie Locums stands out from the rest because they do their homework. They listen to requirements for each role I need to fill and don’t waste my time with anyone who doesn’t meet those requirements. All candidates are appropriately vetted for appropriate skills, registration, licence and references.

Toni Croker

Imaging Manager | Axis Diagnostic Imaging

I found all of the staff at Aussie Locums that I engaged with were professional and they kept me informed throughout all processes. Aussie Locums was more than a service providing staff, they cared about how the staff they provided, always seeking feedback, ensuring both parties were happy.  They listened to my feedback and this way we could deliver a high level of care to all of our patients at RCPH.

Bianca Woodley

Client Manager
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